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Reach out if you want to see what your home could sell for based on sold properties in the Multiple Listing Service in Rhode Island for the last year.  I will provide an estimate for you for free during a listing presentation on how I get homes sold.  I will provide a valuation estimating your property market value using a professional formula I have developed over my 9 years of experience. We will use it as a starting point in determining where we position your home on the market.  Once you find out what your house is worth with my estimate and fine tuning after I view your home, we will look at the homes that sold to get a narrowed opinion on the best comparable properties to use in our estimate.


If you are interested in finding out how much your house is worth because you want to learn more about selling I would love the opportunity to share more about how I sell homes.  If you need a home estimate today for other reasons I can help as well. Whether you need to sell your home or are looking for an agent to by a home, I am an expert in Rhode Island real estate and you can reach me at 401-533-6916.


While a home valuation is not a substitute for an appraisal, it is a great place to get started in marketing your home to potential buyers.